Features for seamless Events & Experiences

Read on for an overview of our end-to-end feature set. Whatever you’re trying to achieve with your virtual event or experience, our intuitive and customisable platform has you covered.

Flox is flexible

Hybrid & Virtual experiences

Flexible application allows for maximum audience reach and impact.

Choice of environments

Choose from off the shelf, customised, bespoke or captured to suit the experience requirements of your audience.

Easy to navigate

Exploring our fully immersive environment drives engagement and memorability amongst users and attendees.

Flox is easy to set up

Customised or bespoke registration

Build your own registration & ticketing process for custom attendee data-capture. Connect to your CRM for a seamless experience and end to end tracking.

“Event Builder” for easy self-serve

Intuitive CMS back end allows you to manage your own content and build your environment at a pace that suits you.

Flox is for human connection

Personalised avatars

Photo-realistic avatars foster personal human connection amongst audience members

Intuitive and easy agendas

Customisable agendas provide users the content they want in a navigable format.

Flexible networking

Meet privately one to one, create groups, organise break out sessions or book sales appointments.

Video & chat

Private & group networking via chat or video calling features, allowing for best-in-class communication.

Flexible deployment

Live, pre-recorded and on-demand means longer opportunity for ROI. Broadcast agnostic stages allow for flexibility of content.

Global reach

Broadcast anywhere in the globe (including mainland China).

Flox is effective & accountable

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